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What We Are

Education With a Profit is a technology based Positive Youth Development initiative that uses a digital platform to teach entrepreneurial skills and objectives while providing a way to apply and earn from it in your own online custom apparel stores.

Class Curriculum

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  • Defining Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Financial Literacy
  • Big Business vs. Small Business/Store Brand
  • The Design Process
  • Campaign Promotion
  • Communication Skills for Customer Service
  • Law for the Entrepreneur

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Educational Take Aways

  • 1

    How well the learner articulates their understanding of who and what an entrepreneur is, the social entrepreneur, their characteristics and roles in small business.

  • 2

    A digital demonstration of their graphic designs within the fundraising campaign process and promotion.

  • 3

    The learner demonstrates an understanding of marketing, through social media discourse with integrity, and customer service.

  • 4

    How well the learner demonstrates an understanding of financial literacy within the digital platform by using strategic product design in sales focus, pricing, and commissions settings.

  • 5

    Use of the Search Engine Optimization Tools to assess design processes relative to goals.

Live Webinar

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    Enroll in an upcoming course being held on our live webinar schedule. Courses may vary in time, schedule and during for each course to make sure you find the right one for you. Classes must be started from the beginning of each session and make will not permit late addition after the first scheduled class. If you miss a class, each sessions is recorded for you to go back and catch up or revisited the materials.

  • 2

    Receive Course Materials

    Upon registration and prior to the first scheduled class, you will receive a link to a folder that will contain all student handouts and materials need to complete each individual lesson.

  • 3

    Build Your Website

    During the duration of the course, each lesson coincides with a technology portion to apply what you’ve learn to your own website. For instance, If you lesson was about logos, you must be shown how to make a logo the put your logo on your new website. Each section of your website is taught and applied to give you the experience of build your first business from the ground up.

  • 4

    Open Your Store

    Once your website is complete and customized to your specifications with your designed products, you will be ready will be ready to open to the public to start selling your creations.

  • 5

    Order Fulfillment

    When your customers purchase any items from your store, our printing fulfillment center is notified the item is printed and shipped directly to the customer on your behalf. From your Backend Dashboard, you have the ability to monitor the progress of each order for all of your customers at any stage of the transaction, from the initial request to the delivery. The dashboard is also where you would manage or edit any products, designs and many other aspects of your website including your commissions (20%-40 of gross, determined by sale price) which are paid on the 1 st and 15 th of each month.

Live Webinar

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