The Tee Shirt Store is an entrepreneurship and technology education initiative that uses a digital platform to teach entrepreneurial skills to students from the 6th grade through adulthood with proven instructional strategies.

It is this pandemic that has shown us how crucial it is to have a skill that can be our alternative avenue of income that can help us earn even if we do not have a 9-to-5, run-of-the-mill job. TheteeShirtStore is that alternative! At TheteeShirtStore, we help you learn a skill, like designing a tshirt, creating a portal where you can sell your creations and run your very own business. We do not just give you the web-based platform to sell, but we help you learn the nuances and techniques of designing the t-shirt. TheteeShirtStore provides its licensed software to all its participants. At TheteeShirtStore, we believe in ‘Education with a Profit.’