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Chris Brown - President of The Tee Shirt Store,Inc., - a veteran owned entrepreneurial training company that teaches kids and adults entrepreneurship while giving them a way to immediately earn an income with this newly learned knowledge through their own online custom apparel store. As a seasoned professional and proven entrepreneur for nearly 20 years, Chris felt it would be more important to use that experience to create the next generation of entrepreneurs while to giving undeserved youth, adults and veterans a way to learn and earn in their own business. Since its founding, the Tee Shirt Store has worked with several organizations and schools and help to educate children and adults in entrepreneurship from across the country.

Education With a Profit is here to help others, but realize that some may not be able to afford the course. For those people that want or need an opportunity like this but find themselves needing assistance to cover the cost, we’ve established the Education With a Profit (EWAP) Scholarship Fund to cover cost of the course and all website expenses.

As a self proclaim Social Entrepreneur, Chris believes the importance of passing on a skill like entrepreneurship is important for the future creators and leaders of this world. Creating an opportunity for those that needed it but had no access to it was a part of the core motivation 10 years ago when Chris first put the idea to paper. During the education course, each student is tasked with creating a Tee Shirt Fundraising Campaign to bring awareness to a cause or issue facing their community as a Social Entrepreneur should whenever the opportunity to help others presents itself. This provides real life experience in helping others while just using creativity and a platform that has been provided.

What's Included In The Scholarship

1. Education With a Profit,’ a 20 Hour Course with the following lessons: $399
  • Defining Entrepreneurship
  • Small Business & Store Branding
  • Website Setup
  • The Design Process
  • Campaign Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Customer Service
  • Financial Literacy
  • Law For The Entrepreneur

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