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Create User Name And Password

Create a user name and password. Your user name will automatically set as your website address, but this can be changed simply by creating a different Site URL in the space provided.


Choose Website Domain Address

When choosing your website domain name, you will automatically have added to the end of your URL to register your hosting account ( If you have a website name you would like to use that doesn’t at the end, these changes can be made by changing your DNS Settings.( Your website hosting will still be registered with , but your customers will only see


Confirm Your Email

After registering, our system will send you a welcome email that you may receive instantly. The second email will take up to 15 minutes as a result of your Site URL being registered as an active website. If you don’t receive it after 15 minutes, click the option to “Resend Email.” Do so will result in the first code being deactivated.


Insert Confirmation Code

The second email will mostly likely land in your junk mail and will contain a code in “Parenthesis.” Copy this text and past it in the “Verification Code” space provided. Submit the code to get logged in to the Backend Dashboard and control panel of your website.


Log In To Your Dashboard

Once logged in to your Dashboard, you are able to monitor every aspect of your site including sales, visits, orders payments and all the many other tools to customize your website.


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