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Start A Campaign

How to Start-A-Campaign?
To start a campaign, click the start a sale tab on the home page, then click on start your campaign. Next, fill out the form to create your account. The system will send you an email with a verification code and link. Enter the code or click the link and use the Set Up Wizard.

Accent Your Tees

How do I search for an accessory?

You can search for accessories -- or you can visit our Accent Your Tees page in order to be presented with a more robust set of options from which to choose.

General Questions

How do I create my own store?

You can create your own store by filling out the Become An Affiliate form.  After your application is complete, you will be sent an email with directions on what to do next.

Deal of The Day

Is there a time limit to buy a Deal of The Day?

All Deals of The Day are available as long as they are shown online.

Design On Mobile

Is my handheld device compatible with your design software?

The online mobile site is currently under construction.

Education FAQ

Education Article Test

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Create Your Tee

How do I create a tee shirt?
Click on the blue "Go To Design Studio" button found on our Create Your Own page, the Design Studio will load and you'll be able to start designing your tee shirt.

Open Your Store

How do I sell my art?
You can sell your artwork by becoming an affiliate of The Tee Shirt Store, and then creating your own online store.

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