Did you know the TeeShirtStore offers youth Entrepreneurship Courses in different languages?

TheteeShirtStore’s path-breaking Youth Entrepreneurship courses use a digital platform, a licensed software to teach entrepreneurship skills and the e-commerce platform aids students in real-life application of the entrepreneurship skills that they learned from the course. It is a 25-hour course covering topics on Defining Entrepreneurship, Small Business & Store Branding, Website Setup, The Design Process, Campaign Promotion, Marketing, Social Media, Customer Service, Financial Literacy, Law For The Entrepreneur. The course is available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi, and English languages. Intrigued to know more about our ‘Education with a Profit’ vision, and how the course will work towards building a skill to foster economic independence and financial stability? Head over to the Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative to learn more. TheteeShirtStore Youth Entrepreneurship courses are available for 6th graders and up so the courses are perfectly suited to the idea of ‘teaching them early’ the importance of economic independence.

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