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Our in-house developers are dedicated to creating the best digital version of you and your brand with your own fully functioning E-commerce website. After submitting the required items from the provided checklist, our experts will customize your website with your brand, your story and any custom designs and products you would like to promote and sell. After the completion of the website and the 3rd and final round of modifications, an instructor will schedule a time to go over the functionality and features of your site to show you how to manage it.

Cost $599

  • One dedicated Web Developer from start to finish
  • 10 hours development time after the required checklist is submitted
  • Three revisions after the first version is delivered (included in development time)
  • One hour training with an instructor after completion of the website and all revisions to cover functionally and features of your website
  • Unlimited E-ticket support for any technology issues that may occur
  • 50% Coupon for extended Web Developer services to manage any changes or updates in designs for you moving forward. Prices as low as $50 per month, determined by size of the project and number of designs in each individual store.

What You Get

  • 1

    Free Ecommerce Website

    Free fully functioning ecommerce website to create, promote and sell custom apparel and one full year of hosting

  • 2

    1 Year Hosting

    Upon registration, your website will be given a credit to cover one year of hosting. When choosing your website domain name, you will automatically have .theteeshirtstore.com added to the end of your URL to register your hosting account (yoursite.theteeshirtstore.com). If you have a website name you would like to use that doesn’t show “.theteeshirtstore.com” at the end, these changes can be made by changing your DNS Settings.(yoursite.com). Your website hosting will still be registered with “.theteeshirtstore.com” , but your customers will only see “yoursite.com” if those changes are made additional fees may apply for this white label services.

  • 3

    Custom Domain

    The ability to use your own custom domain without your customer seeing any information from The Tee Shirt Store.

  • 4

    Order Fulfillment

    The Tee Shirt Store is a fully function print shop. All orders purchased in you store, will be printed at one of our locations and shipped directly to your customer on your behalf at no additional cost to you. Your customers will not see any information from The Tee Shirt Store on the packaging and each of your orders can be monitored for status in your Backend Dashboard

  • 5

    20%-40% Commission

    All commissions are paid out on the 1st and 15th of each month and is based on 20%-40% of gross sales from the previous 15 days. Commissions are determined by volume.

  • 6

    Cost Free Designs

    Access to over 5,000 designs that can be customized at no additional costs.

  • 7

    Branding Tools

    The Backend Dashboard is equipped with the digital tools needed for you to customize your designs and every aspect of your website. Change colors add logos or insert a video. The possibilities for customization are endless!

  • 8

    Unlimited Products

    Our catalog is filled with thousands of choices of apparel that can be customized to fit your needs.

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