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Class Curriculum

  • Defining Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Financial Literacy
  • Big Business vs. Small Business/Store Brand
  • The Design Process Campaign Promotion
  • Communication Skills for Customer Service
  • Law for the Entrepreneur

Education With A Profit

The Tee Shirt Store is an entrepreneurship and technology education initiative that uses a digital platform to teach entrepreneurial skills and objectives. The Tee Shirt Store’s concept of “Education With a Profit” provides students as early as the 6th grade through adulthood with proven instructional strategies in skill building for leadership, entrepreneurship, and community service, while allowing them to make a profit. In addition to the ten lessons in entrepreneurship, each student is given their own E-commerce custom apparel website to create, promote and sell their designed products. When the students sell from their own store, we at The Tee Shirt Store print and ship those items directly to the customer and the student is paid 25%-40 commission of the gross on the 1st and 15th of each month.


  • How well the learner articulates their understanding of who and what an entrepreneur is, the social entrepreneur, their characteristics and roles in small business.
  • A digital demonstration of their graphic designs within the fundraising campaign process and promotion.
  • The learner demonstrates an understanding of marketing, through social media discourse with integrity, and customer service.
  • How well the learner demonstrates an understanding of financial literacy within the digital platform by using strategic product design in sales focus, pricing, and commissions settings.
  • Use of the Search Engine Optimization Tools to assess design processes relative to goals.

Learning Objectives

  • What an Entrepreneur is and what an entrepreneur does
  • What a Social Entrepreneur is and what a Social Entrepreneur does
  • What a small business is and the role small businesses play
  • How a business idea becomes a reality through graphic arts in The Tee Shirt Store
  • Their responsibility as digital citizens using technology, through social media and marketing
  • Financial Literacy Compensation outcomes from design process through marketing and sales

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