About The Tee Shirt Store

“Empowering communities by empowering the people within those communities”.

Our purpose at The Tee Shirt Store is to develop entrepreneurial thinkers. That goes beyond creating a great E-commerce platform to market spirit wear; it means to bring forth education to transform how people monetize creativity in the global market.

The mission of The Tee Shirt Store is “empowering communities by empowering the people within those communities.” With an emphasis on hard work, tapping into one’s own creativity and meeting one’s own financial needs through entrepreneurship, we at The Tee Shirt Store (TTSS) firmly believe that we can empower the leaders of today and tomorrow by exposing them to the world of web-based marketing. This vision is set to revolutionize the web-marketing and entrepreneurship space on a global scale, and we can’t wait for the world to tap into it.


Under Education Tab - The Tee Shirt (TSSS) established in 2013 is a tee-shirt printing facility with a very specific vision and mission. To fund our vision, we create and or print t-shirts for businesses, reunions, schools, social groups, and other special events. To drive our mission, we propose our technological expertise and platform, TTSS is a Common Core Certified entrepreneurial curriculum aligned to IL and IN Department of Education Standards. Our curriculum is customizable for middle school, junior high, high school, college and adults. At TTSS we teach you how launch your first entrepreneurial venture by empowering you with knowledge needed to start and run any business. We empower the leaders of today and tomorrow by exposing them to the world of web-based marketing and sales with the online t-shirt market as a model.


Using online marketing, one of the fastest growing trends today, The Tee Shirt Store empowers entrepreneurial learners by leveraging a cutting-edge web-based platform, we then provide the course attendees with their own online store to apply the principles they learn in the course. Yes, we GIVE them an online business! Our philosophy is really very simple: To truly have Positive Community Development, it must be accompanied by innovation and ownership. By teaching them about entrepreneurship and giving them a way to apply those skills in their own business, we are developing the next generation of entrepreneurs, capable of creating and running any business in a constantly evolving global market.

Most people who want to start a business have heard that hard work, creativity, and innovation are instrumental to the success of a business but are unable to picture this as in some cases, their efforts over the years have not been fruitful. The Tee Shirt Store is here with a solution to that. We are committed to empowering communities by empowering the people within those communities.

“Success is not measured in the amount of dollars you make, but the amount of lives you impact.”

– Anonymous

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